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What We Need From You

iStock_000009322777MediumIf you should engage our services, we may need some or all of the following information from you:

  • Confidential Questionnaire (Fill it out to the best of your ability, but don’t make the details a barrier to moving forward. We can gather anything that’s missing later.)
  • Risk Tolerance Questionnaire
  • Service Agreement
  • Cash Flow Questionnaire
  • Social Security and Pension Benefit Report(s)
  • Bank, Brokerage and Retirement Account Statement(s)
  • Retirement Account Investment Option(s)
  • Paycheck Stub(s) (with cumulative year to date information)
  • Employee Benefits Booklet(s)
  • Tax Returns for last 3 years (including W2s)
  • Insurance Policy Declarations Pages
  • Loan Documents
  • Legal Documents
  • Credit Card Statement(s) and Report(s)

Please do not send private information via e-mail! E-mail is not secure. When you are ready to provide private information, please:

  • Secure link: Call or e-mail, and we will send an easy to use, secure link to your e-mail address
  • Regular mail to: Abby Kovach, Principal, Abby Kovach Financial Planning, LLC, 3216 Billington Drive, Erie, CO 80516
303-929-5387 •
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