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What You Can Expect:

Our 7 Step Process

Step 1: Initial Inquiry

Your ROle:

Schedule a call and let us know how we can help.

Our Role:

Listen.  Help you decide whether it makes sense to schedule a Get Acquainted meeting.  At any point, you may choose not to move forward, and it’s ok to let us know.  The search for a financial planner is personal, and it is important to find the right fit.

Schedule an Inquiry Call

Step 2: Free “Get Acquainted” Meeting

Your role: 

Before you come, fill out a Confidential Questionnaire.  This free tool can be a great way to get organized and take charge of your financial information.  Don’t let the detail be a barrier to getting started, but the more you know, the better we can help you prioritize.

Our role: 

Listen.  Answer your questions.  We work with you to identify your goals and financial plan design challenges.  We provide a fee quote, identify needed information, discuss timeframe.

Start Your Confidential Questionnaire

Step 3: Data Gathering & Prototyping

Your role:

Continue to get organized and take charge of your financial information.  Send requested documents to us via secure online portal or mail (not email).

Our role:

Analyze how your current course may meet your objectives and prototype ideas to get you even closer.

Start Your Risk Tolerance Questionnaire


Step 4: Feedback Meeting

Our role:

Test ideas out with you.  This is often a phone call or virtual meeting.  We’re looking for feedback to rule out solutions that won’t work for you and listening for what resonates and seems possible.

Your role:

Give us as much feedback as possible.

Step 5: Redesign

Our role:

Based on your feedback, we refine your plan, flesh out details, and develop an Action Plan.

Your role:

You may get some initial action items at this point.  We encourage you to get started on these so you have as much time to ask questions as possible.

Step 6: Presentation of Your Financial Plan


Guide you to the information you need to make decisions and take action.


Ask questions.  Challenge us to empower you.  Let us know what isn’t clear.

Step 7: On-Going Services


Many of our clients are able to carry out plans on their own, so implementation is excluded from initial projects.  Some clients choose to schedule additional time at our hourly rate to get this done.


Financial planning is an ongoing process, not a one-time event.  Test your plan out in the real world.  See what works and what doesn’t.  Proper implementation, monitoring, and professional updates are crucial to reaching your financial goals.  We are not monitoring your plan, but you may contact us at any time with questions or engage us for updates.

Returning?  Let Abby know what's new!

Align Your Assets With Your Aspirations