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What You Can Expect:

Our 5 Step Process

Step 1: Initial Inquiry

Your ROle:

Schedule a call and let us know how we can help.

Our Role:

Listen.  Help you decide whether it makes sense to schedule a Get Acquainted meeting.  You need to feel we are a good fit for you, and we need to be certain that we can deliver our best to you.

Step 2: Complimentary “Get Acquainted” Meeting

Your role: 

Before we meet, share a little bit about your situation via our secure client portal.  What's on your mind?  What keeps you up at night?

Our role: 

Listen.  Understand your goals and challenges.  Answer your questions.  Assess whether we have the skills you need to breathe easier.  If so, we'll share how we can help you and discuss data, deliverables, fees, timeframe and next steps.

Step 3:  Create a Snapshot

Your role:

Begin taking charge of your financial future by gathering your financial information.  Enter requested data in your personal financial planning website and upload documents to your secure Vault.

Our role:

Use our tools and expertise to bridge where you are today with where you want to be.  Identify decisions and actions you can take today in areas such as saving and investing, spending and withdrawals, taxes, education, Social Security claiming, pension claiming, and risk mitigation, among others.  We want to see you walk with a lighter step when it comes to your relationship with money and the complex world of personal finance.

Step 4: Presentation of Your Snapshot

Our role:

Show you where you are relative to where you want to be.  Partner to create an Action Plan of decisions and steps you feel you can take to move forward.  Show you how to begin planning around things you can't control - the markets, national and world events, future tax changes, certain events in your own life, etc. - so that they won't mess up your plans.

Your role:

Ask questions.  Provide feedback.  Challenge us to empower you.

Step 5:  Get the Full Value of Your Planning

Your role:

Absorb your Snapshot and let us know what isn't clear.  Begin work on the action steps that you've determined will take you forward towards your dreams - who you want to be, what you want to do, and what you want to have in life. 

Our role:

Answer questions about your Snapshot.  Support and guide you through the action steps you're committed to taking.  We'll work together to establish a review schedule, which typically involves quarterly check-ins, alternating between 15-30 minute phone calls and more in-depth one-hour meetings.  Setting appointments in advance ensures that you have access to Abby and can rely on timely advice.  

Align Your Assets With Your Aspirations