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How much better would you feel if you had a plan?

At Abby Kovach Financial Planning, LLC, we lead you through a financial planning experience with the goal of co-creating a plan that is both relevant and motivating.

We meet you where you are.  You may have developed your own expertise in broad-based planning and low-cost index investing, and now you want a professional to look over your shoulder.  Or, maybe you’ve been too busy to become an expert.  You want a professional to help you focus on the steps you can take to establish, protect, and build your wealth.  

We believe that, when empowered, you will use money for good in your own life and in the lives of others.

Our Services Are...


We put your best interests first. Read our Fiduciary Oath.


We do not receive compensation from any other source. We make recommendations free of ties to product sales or the amount of money you have to invest.

No minimum net worth, income, or investable assets

          We serve both individuals who have already built wealth and those who are just getting started.

One-time, as-needed, or ongoing basis

You decide the relationship you need and want.


Your feedback and ideas help shape recommendations and action items.  We work with you to craft a plan that you can actually understand and use.

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Align Your Assets With Your Aspirations