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What does a typical relationship look like?

Limited Planning

Planning Starter

Planning Partner

If you're in your 20s or early 30s and just getting started, you may work with us to address one or more of the following:

If you're further along, your engagement may include everything in Limited Planning, plus:

If you want to get the full value of the Starter Planning we've completed, you may choose to enter an on-going partnership to:

Goals & Values

✔ Address your pressing concerns and gather your current goals and values in one place.  Here you can start to imagine them taking shape.

✔ Same as Limited Planning, but here your goals and values can receive the attention they need to start becoming reality. 

✔ Same as Planning Starter, but here, we nurture your vision for your goals and values.  You will have an on-going thought partner to address new concerns, measure progress, and adjust course.

Saving and Spending

✔ Decide what percent of income to live off of and how to direct the balance to priorities such as student loan repayment, saving for retirement, and saving to buy a home.

✔ Create a starter saving and spending plan for the coming year.  Develop smart strategies for dealing with debt, such as mortgages and student loans.

✔ Life happens!  Nothing ever goes exactly according to plan.  Once you implement your saving and spending plan, you will encounter shifting priorities and trade-offs.  As your planning partner, we help you keep your plan aligned with your goals and values.

✔ See how various savings rates might impact your future and decide what to save this year.

✔ See how your savings and spending project into the future from this point in time, based on reasonable assumptions.  Are you currently on track for big goals such as retirement and education?  Breathe easier with a list of action items you can implement to move closer to your goals.

✔ Update projections annually to identify what you need to do to stay on course.  A drifting plan, if not tended to, can take you way off course.  Continuous adjustments help to ensure you get where you want to go.


✔ Learn about smart investing and create an initial investment policy that will get you started on a smart path.  An investment policy provides the guidance you need to make smart decisions about the things you can control and plan around the things you can't.

✔ Same as Limited Planning, plus your investment policy will also guide your decisions on how your personalized portfolio should be constructed, monitored, and adjusted.  

✔ Conduct annual review of your investment policy and make adjustments when necessary, to ensure that it continues to align with your evolving life.

✔ Decide how to invest money in your 401k.

✔ Receive a detailed "How-To" for investing your accounts in a way that aligns with the policy we've worked to create.

✔ Conduct a semi-annual portfolio review and receive detailed instructions for rebalancing, investing new savings, and taking withdrawals.  (Or, if you prefer, you can delegate investment management for an additional fee.)


✔ Decide where to put additional savings in hope of lowering your lifetime tax bill.

✔ See where you can take steps, at this point in time, to reduce your lifetime tax bill.

✔ Review annually to identify on-going opportunistic tax-saving strategies.

Estate Planning 

✔ Understand general estate planning issues and documents and walk away with a list of potential issues to discuss with your attorney.

✔ Same as Limited Planning

✔ Share detailed estate plans with us so that we can more effectively dovetail your financial planning with your estate planning.  We can coordinate or meet with your attorney if needed.

Risk and Insurance Planning

✔ Understand some of the risks that could derail your plans and steps you can take to properly protect yourself and your loved-ones.

✔ Include "What-ifs" for bigger risks, such as a long-term care event, in your planning projections if appropriate.

✔ Conduct an annual review.  We can attend meetings or coordinate in other ways with your insurance professionals if needed.

Social Security & Pension Claiming 

✔ Understand how potential changes to Social Security in the future might affect what you need to save.  Understand pros and cons of various decisions available for your particular situation.

✔ Focus in on a personalized strategy and make smart choices.

Other perks 

✔ Schedule meetings on a first-come / first served basis.

✔ Same as Limited Planning

✔ Enjoy priority scheduling (when meetings are scheduled at the time of renewal)

✔ Real-time view of all of your accounts in one place, including mobile access, during our engagement and for 8 additional months via our client portal.

✔ Same as Limited Planning

✔ Enjoy on-going access as you move in the direction of your goals.

✔ Share important documents with us in a secure Vault and enjoy a separate folder for "your eyes only" during our engagement and for 8 additional months.

✔ Same as Limited Planning

✔ Enjoy on-going access to stay organized.