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What does it cost to hire a planner?

If the guidance you receive helps you reach your goals, it's priceless.

Our Typical Fee Ranges 

Getting Started:  Initial Engagement

$2800 to $9100

Ongoing Partnership:  Upon Renewal

$2800 to $7000/year

Depending on your previous experience with financial planning, that may sound pricey, or it may sound very reasonable.  

Compared to a traditional wealth manager...

...You may save, without sacrificing the impact of professional planning.  And that's a win!  Traditional wealth managers commonly charge about 1% of your portfolio value, and with minimum investments of $500,000 or $1,000,000, you could pay $5000 to $10,000 or more every year, not to mention the escalating cost for portfolios greater than $1,000,000.  Rather than handing over management of your money to us, you will have instructions and, if needed, oversight as you implement trading in your own accounts.  This allows us both to avoid some of the expensive infrastructure required to trade on your behalf.

Compared to getting generic advice from financial planning blogs or podcasts... 

...Our fee ranges may look pricey, but you are unique.  Your success is dependent on how you pursue your personal goals and overcome your obstacles, and how your planning supports your career, family, interests, and values.  Our relationship is about what you need, what you don't know, and what you need to know. While it's never too late to get started, the sooner you give yourself the gift of hiring a professional, the greater the impact on your ultimate success.  Here's why:

There are costs - both financial and emotional - to missed opportunities, overspending, investment mistakes, unnecessary taxes, and being unprepared for major expenses and life events.  Procrastination makes it worse.  Wherever you are in your journey, a great deal of wealth is passing through your hands as time goes by.  

Your cost is determined by the complexity of your situation and your priorities.  Abby provides a fee quote before you commit, and your final cost will not exceed the quote without your agreement.  

If the advice and guidance you receive helps you reach your goals, it's priceless, especially considering the amount of money you will likely earn and spend over your lifetime.

Ongoing Partnership

Why is a one-hour check-in each year not enough?

"Once we've made an initial Plan, why can't I just schedule a one-hour meeting every year or two to 'check-in' and see how I'm doing?"  This is a question we get a lot, and it's understandable!  It's important to recognize that building the wealth you need to reach your goals is an active process of monitoring and implementing multi-year strategies and making adjustments to your planning as the world and your circumstances evolve.  

In our initial engagement, we spend a lot of time and energy identifying your values, hopes, habits, and worries.  We establish a foundation for decision-making, set goals, make actionable plans, and then... life happens.  Ongoing planning ensures that you have a professional to understand your goals and circumstances as they evolve, help measure your progress based on fresh data, make sure multi-year strategies are consistently implemented, and keep an eye out for opportunistic tax, investment, and other strategies as you go.  Much of this work happens behind-the-scenes, and it takes time.  

Cursory check-ins can't do justice to the various parts of your life that are affected by, get in the way of, or otherwise influence your finances, and off-the-cuff advice can actually do more harm than good.  You will see the greatest impact of financial planning by devoting time and attention to integrating your evolving life with proactive, data-driven decision-making year-by-year.  This level of guidance and partnership delivers the full value of the work we do together.  

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